Our colorful palette of Fresh Pasture Raised Eggs in its unique carton is yours for $7 off the farm. We can't wait to meet you.

How can you buy our Home Grown Chicken?

We take orders for Fresh Whole Chickens once a year, in March.  We require a $10 deposit per chicken.  You are welcome to come visit your chickens while they spend their days happily consuming a balanced diet as well as grass and bugs for eight weeks.  Your chicken will be processed at at a local USDA approved facility.  We charge $5.38 per pound.  A $5 processing fee is charged for each bird, this covers transportation to and from the USDA approved facility as well as slaughter, cleaning, plucking and bagging of your bird.  You will be expected to pick up your cleaned and plucked chickens and the balance is due on the day of processing. 

What happens when you buy beef from H.H.C.C.?

We always seem to have a waiting list for our beef, please contact us if you are interested, we are happy to add you to the list.  Our beef is sold live on the hoof, down to quarters.  This means, you send us a Deposit of $100 per quarter (non refundable) after we call you.  We will send you a cut sheet created by our outstanding butcher (we are always available to help you fill the cut sheet out) after we receive your Deposit.  The beef market is always fluctuating as do our prices, we charge by the pound for hanging weight, our price includes your custom cut and wrap as well as your slaughter fee. The reason for this is, We have chosen specific companies to handle our stock, we can only stand behind perfection.  The quality of the beef you receive is our priority. Your remaining balance is due on the day of Slaughter.  You will be required to pick your beef up from our butcher in Brewster, WA.  We are happy to send you pictures and walk you through each step, communication is important to us.

  This system is for custom orders, commercial sales go through the USDA and have a four animal limit.