Nestled at the  base of the Cascade Mountain Range our family farm thrives on native grasses, fresh clean water and plenty of sunshine.  Our farming system is fully sustainable using heritage animals to build the soil naturally. Our desire for optimum flavor as well as healthy eating brought us the Scottish Highland Cattle.  Highland Cattle are comfortable with our cold winters, their long thick coats provide insulation from the elements.  Our cornucopia of native herbs and grasses sustain the cattle and poultry naturally.  Our cattle and poultry are in a rotational grazing system Spring, Summer and Fall with plenty of fresh clean water year round.  Our animals are never fed GMO products, we feed Methow Certified Organic hay to ensure a balanced healthy diet through winter free from pesticides. Our animals happiness and health is our primary concern.  We never use hormones or steroids and illness has not been an issue allowing us to maintain a no antibiotics status.  

Thank you for taking time to visit our family farm, we hope you enjoy your time viewing our projects. 

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Our passion for animals has taken us on a journey into the roots of who we are and what we believe.


Special attention is paid to the genetics of our Highland Cattle and Pasture Poultry.  We breed for perfect confirmation in our cattle as well as "The Standard of Perfection" in our poultry. 

Breeding & Raising Sustainability

Heritage Family Farming