Pasture Poultry

Jersey Giants & Cochins

  We have collected the best genetics we could find.  Our poultry project isn't just about bringing friends and family a product that will fuel their body in a healthy manner, it goes beyond happy birds into a moral obligation.  What does it mean to reverse climate change, save endangered species and feed your community all with your own two hands?  Its the big picture, our commercial food industry is causing animal extinction on a vast level.  We are saving animal species as well as building soil and pulling carbon out of the air. 

 "Standard of   Perfection" is the foundation for our breeding stock.  Our hens rotate behind our cattle in their egg mobiles, surrounded by solar powered electric net keeping them safe from predators in the summer.  The balanced diet, fresh green grass, plenty of bugs and sunshine keeps our birds healthy and laying amazing eggs. Winter time the girls move into a hoop house  we add winter squash grown here on the farm as well as alfalfa hay to their diet maintaining our pasture status on a dietary level.